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The term “Fresh” is thrown around a lot in the seafood industry. Most seafood purveyors use the term “fresh” just as long as the product has never been frozen. It could be 25 days old, but if it hasn’t been frozen, it’s still “fresh” to them. At Harris Seafood, we have a much different outlook on the term “fresh”. Because of Harris’ experiences in both the restaurant industry and fishing as a hobby, fresh to us means within 48 hours of catch. This allows our customers to buy and sell with confidence that the end consumer is going to truly enjoy thier dining experience. Basically, you can roll the dice with the other guys, or, you can sleep well at night knowing that when you buy from Harris Seafood, you are truly buying some of the freshest seafood in Florida!

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Pre-Cut Fillets- A Growing Problem

by: Harris Woodsby

MARCH 28, 2010

Pre Cut FilletsA large amount of the fish that is consumed today is “pre-cut” overseas product. “Pre-Cut” means that the fish was filleted by hand or machine (machine usually)

before being imported into the states for sale. The reason this method is becoming increasingly popular is because of the price. Shipping just fillets instead of whole fish cuts down on freight costs.