About Harris Seafood

Harris Woodsby, the founder of Harris Seafood, grew up working in his fathers’ restaurants. He worked his way up from dishwasher to server before heading to college at Florida State University where he majored in Business. At the age of 23, instead of taking up the family trade, he decided to go down to the Keys and see if he could find a few places to buy stone crab claws for his fathers’ restaurants. At the time there were not many Central Florida suppliers of stone crabs and the prices had gotten a little out of control, so after he hooked up with a few crabbers, Harris found that he could save his father’s restaurants money while making some money on his own. After talking to some of his fisherman buddies he realized that since he had room in his pickup truck for more than just stone crab, he should look into selling fresh fish as well. The competition in Orlando was somewhat stagnant at the time and prices were much higher than they should be. Again, the opportunity was there, so he started driving up stone crab and fresh fish from South Florida 5 days a week to Central Florida area restaurants. His customers were impressed with the balance of quality and price. Harris Seafood was created in March of 2005 by one man and a pickup truck. Now we have the newest, cleanest, most efficient facility in Central Florida and are growing faster than any of our competition. Our product is flown in fresh daily from all over the world. We deliver 6 days a week and service all of Central Florida from Bradenton to Daytona and everything in between.

How did we grow so fast? By sticking to what Harris believes is the most important key to success: quality. Because of his restaurant background, Harris looks at quality from a chefs’ perspective instead of from a typical fish house owners’ perspective. This fresh look at quality allows us to take an honest approach instead of the approach common in this industry- dishonesty.

In an age when everyone is looking for the cheapest price, it is difficult to sell high quality seafood. So how are we doing well? Because the customers we supply know what true quality is all about. We service high-end, well known restaurants in the Central Florida area only. This type of customer appreciates freshness, service and honesty. For instance, they know the difference between low quality overseas previously frozen “pre-cut” Grouper fillet and high quality, cut off the fish that morning, Florida Black Grouper fillet. And their customers do too. High quality items come with a higher price, but our customers stay loyal because their customers notice the difference and come back for more. We stay away from “price-driven” customers because we cannot compete with a competitor’s price when the quality or species is apples to oranges. Basically, if you’re paying $5 per pound for Grouper fillet, don’t even bother calling.

We can keep our prices below anyone in the area when comparing identical products. We can do this because, from the beginning, Harris Seafood was created to be simple. We’ve always worked out of much smaller, more efficient facilities than our competition. This allows us to keep our operating costs down. These savings get passed on to the customer. Also, we’ve always been focused on fresh local products, and over time, have created direct relationships with fisherman which makes for savings as well.

If freshness is what you are looking for, than Harris Seafood is the seafood supplier for you. Please feel free to stop by any time or contact Harris directly at (863)943-4835. Thank You!