Buyer's Guide

The Harris Seafood Buyer’s Guide was designed to educate our customers and the public on some of the secrets of the seafood industry. We want everyone to know the ways that they are being taken advantage of by the seafood industry and how to distinguish them. We will also inform you on how to select high quality seafood and debunk some of the myths associated with seafood. Feel free to email us with questions about seafood and we will answer them right here on this page.

What are “Pre-Cut” Fillets?-Friday, September 10th, 2010

What are “Pre-Cut” Fillets? A large amount of the fish that is consumed today is “pre-cut” overseas product. “Pre-Cut” means that the fish was filleted by hand or machine (machine usually) before being imported into the states for sale. The reason this method is becoming increasingly popular is because of the price. Shipping just fillets […]

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