Online Market

In many locales around the world people can go to large wholesale fish markets like Boston and New York and pick out the seafood they will be using in their restaurants that night. They can physically inspect the fish and make sure it is up to their standards. Central Florida does not have this option. Most fish that comes to local restaurants are already in fillet form. Chefs don’t even have the ability in most cases to see the fish in its’ raw, whole form for quality inspection. We are striving to change that.

The Harris Seafood Online Market is a pioneering step for the seafood industry. Through the use of high quality pictures uploaded to this site multiple times a day our customers have the ability to see the fish that is coming to their restaurant before it even leaves our facility. This gives our customers peace of mind in many ways. It also allows us to truly convey to our customers the quality level they are receiving. Every day pictures of our items will be uploaded to this page for review. We will give descriptions of the products (origins, species, size, etc.) and show them in their whole form. We will also offer prices that can be negotiated as in a regular market scenario. Customers are encouraged to ask any questions about the products shown through email or by phone. If they are satisfied with the product we can have it delivered to their door that day.

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We are proud of our seafood, and we want to show it off!